Off to University- Cooking Course

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Cooking for Students Traveling Abroad

Our University Cookery Course specialises in teaching the foundations of cooking to university students, who are leaving home and are in dire need of learning this invaluable life skill, so they don’t live off Pot Noodles for the next three years!

The Off to University Cookery Course has been designed to guide beginners through 8 days of well planned, recipes and techniques. We offer hands-on cooking while dishing out plenty of help and support throughout. An emphasis is made on affordable eating, which is essential for those who will be budgeting at university and will provide a wonderful start to an independent lifestyle. We will be with you every step of the way and by the end of this 8-day intensive, informative, extremely fun and sociable course, you will have transformed from a cooking novice to cooking with confidence – in just one week and we guarantee you’ll have fun doing it!

Date: 1st July - 9th July
Time: 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

You learn:

  • kitchen safety & Hygiene 
  • List of essential and must have ingredients in the pantry
  • Ingredients to be taken from home


  • Cutting Chopping Techniques
  • Quick Breakfast
  • Egg recipes
  • Appetisers
  • Healthy Grab & Go
  • Ghar ka Khana 
  • One pot meal

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