Restaurant Consultation Services

Culinary Craft - Restaurant Consulting Services

In addition to being a hub for culinary teaching and learning, we are also restaurant consultants servicing the following areas:

Menu Planning and Engineering:

The kitchen menu turns out to be the USP of the restaurant, becoming one of the most important aspects of a restaurant. We will be assisting you in planning the menu; the entire engineering will be done by our team.

Recruitment and Hiring:

Chef and staff are the most crucial part of a restaurant, We will be assisting you in recruiting/hiring the most optimum people (chef, staff) for your restaurant, getting the best result possible. 

Kitchen Layout and designing:

An organized Kitchen is necessary as it leads to maximum use of resources, we will be assisting you in planning and designing a modern kitchen with great ambiance creating a positive environment.

Food Trials & Chef’s Training:

We will have a food trial, for your selected items in the menu and also train the chefs under our guidance and get them well versed with the menu.

Commissioning of Kitchen:

We will help you equip your restaurant with the best utilities/equipment in the market, which would be of optimum use to you.

Sanitation and Safety:

Restaurant hygiene should be prioritized; we shall brief and assist you through the safety and sanitation guidelines, which are very much necessary for you to maintain a healthy ambiance.

Revamping of Existing Restaurant:
Change is the only constant, we help you in upgrading your restaurant, making it a more beautiful place and providing a 1 stop solution. 

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