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Best Cooking Courses in Mumbai

Culinary Craft is your ultimate destination for all things that are tasty. We train our students to bring out the Masterchef in them by slowly mastering the craft of winning hearts, filling stomachs and electrifying tongues. We have a wide variety of courses that range, categorized as Certificate Baking Courses and Cooking Courses in Mumbai, some are even provided by the Government. Culinary Craft teaches how to cook delicious dishes from various cuisines, be it Chinese, Mughlai, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean or continental. However, completing the courses we provide here, requires one thing that is UTMOST PASSION FOR COOKING. You must be passionate about bringing amazing experiences to people's taste buds in order to master the skill of cooking. But we believe that once you start pouring in the sauces, sprinkling the spices, stirring the mixtures and tasting the final dish, you will fall in love anyway. At Culinary Craft, we believe that everyone must learn how to cook. It is a skill like no other. History is a witness of people winning hearts and even wars by presenting delicious food to the concerned people. Great events have happened because someone used the power of good cooking. Not only that, you can survive and keep your taste buds happy when you know how to cook yourself.

Best Cooking Classes in Mumbai

Culinary Craft was founded by Sajida Khan, a visionary chef, homemaker, mother and an entrepreneur! Sajida noticed one thing about her vicinity, there were no cooking classes in Powai or around that were teaching people how to cook delicious food in a fun and exciting way. To fulfil this need she started Culinary Craft, a fully equipped culinary studio based in Hiranandani, Powai. Since then all, men, women and children have put on their aprons, chef hats and started getting their hands oily and messy together. Being the best culinary institute in Mumbai, Culinary Craft has produced hundreds of mini chefs and chefs who now add their magic in the kitchens of reputed hotel chains. Cooking involves a lot of things to be learnt: How to knead bread, chopping vegetables to perfection, deboning the chicken and filleting the fish right way, balancing ingredient quantities and so on. Cooking can even be called chemistry for food!

Our courses:

Cooking courses: Your imagination is the limit when it comes to cooking tasty food. That is why there are so many cuisines from various regions, which itself contain several dishes, both veg and nonveg. At Culinary Craft, we have created a range of courses for you in which you can learn how to cook dishes from almost all kinds of popular cuisines. Be it a plate of delicious kebabs and tikkas, Thai delicacies, vegetarian treats, healthy salads or various gravies that match commercial standards, there’s plenty to choose from with at Culinary Craft. You will gain an experience of using various methods of cooking like poaching, steaming and frying to put some culinary wonders on the table.

Government Courses: We are offering baking courses that are certified by the Government. These courses have fresh syllabus. They are constantly updated and we keep the courses up to date on our side regularly. These courses cover each and every detail about baking and will give you a hands-on experience of preparing the best dishes and adding a touch of magic to your family lunches or dinner dates. This course will equip you with every skill you need to transit into a chef. The government certified courses will be very fruitful when it comes to opening a restaurant or a cafe or a commercial kitchen, locally and internationally (yes, you read that right, internationally). So go on, start learning and grab your license to tickle some taste buds!

Baking Courses: Baking is the art of making food in which dry heat is used and the heating is done in a chamber known as the oven. Hot stones and hot ashes are also used but ovens are usually preferred. Now baking is not only done for of bread, tartes, cake and cookies but also for healthy and exotic desserts, entremets etc... Baking holds a lot of significance in many cultures and cuisines. At Culinary Craft we will offer you a wide range of baking courses which ranges from one day to one month that will teach you how to prepare some lip-smacking cookies, cakes, pastries and a variety of healthy gluten free breads, cakes and cookies many more dishes that are prepared with the skill of baking.

How can these courses benefit you:

Cooking is an important skill that can sometimes even help you make that perfect first impression. For many people, the way to their heart is through their stomach. Build healthy relationships with the art of cooking, with your loved ones and with the customers of your own food business. You can start your own food business once you are well versed with cooking. You will have a clearer idea about the what’s and why’s when it comes to serving 100s of meals every day once you have a deep understanding of cooking in general. Learning how to cook various cuisines will help you to learn more about the various methods of cooking, the various kitchen equipment used to prepare dishes, how to cook dishes faster and so on. Not only that, but you can also start a career as a food blogger. Food bloggers express their passion about food on the internet by writing blogs and posting about various dishes and updates on social media. Food bloggers get highly paid when it comes to reviewing various aspects of a restaurant or a cafe such as the ambience, the food, the service and so on. Also, you can start an illustrious career as a chef in a reputed 5 star or 7-star hotel and slowly move up the ladder. Cooking opens the door to a lot of possibilities, what we have mentioned are just a few notable ones

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Our food studio offers an array of hands-on cooking and baking workshops where you will learn to transform top-quality, simple and easily available ingredients into a delectable dish that you can replicate in your own kitchen Culinary Craft cooking classes are geared towards home chefs who love to play with food