About Us

Culinary Craft was founded by Chef Sajida Khan. Sajida is a doting mother, homemaker and now a mompreneur! Since the beginning, Sajida has always had a deep passion for cooking. A few years ago, she realised that there are no spaces in Mumbai that allow people to develop and pursue their love for cooking and baking in a fun, efficient and productive way. Her mind immediately sparked and that’s when she embarked on a journey to set up a fully equipped studio in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai to conduct Professional Cooking Classes in Mumbai and there has been no looking back ever since!

Today Culinary Craft has been responsible for carving super chefs who can whip up the most delicious meal to excite your tastebuds. All the courses that culinary craft features will give you an end-to-end cooking experience, teaching you the various methods of cooking, working with spices, cooking various foods and so on. For its marvellous techniques of teaching the art of cooking inside a well-built environment, Culinary Craft has garnered high praise.

“The whole idea is to create an immersive experience around cooking and baking. Just like going for a movie or a play, Culinary Craft is not a cooking class. It’s an activity…an experience that lets people explore the joy of cooking.” — Sajida Khan

Our Vision

We envision ourselves to teach every Culinary Course of ours all over the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. This will enable us to spread the skill of cooking delightful meals to as many people as possible in the region. We envision ourselves to be teaching almost every human in the region to learn how to fill the metal canvas with culinary masterpieces from various cuisines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread love and help spread the love with delicious food. We want to teach the world how to heal by pleasing the stomach.

Here begins your culinary adventure!

The culinary Craft Studio has room for everyone. Whether you’re a tasteful foodie, a passionate food blogger, a budding chef or simply a clueless wanderer wanting to explore life, walk into our studio to learn something exciting and new. The first of its kind, Culinary Craft houses a team of professional chefs who will give you a hands-on cooking experience like never before. With a fully air-conditioned, modern and well-equipped kitchen, we have a range of specially curated courses at every level—amateur, beginner, advanced and professional.

Ever wondered how to temper chocolate, poach eggs or make pasta from scratch? We will teach you how to play with these foods and lots of other items. With interactive demonstrations, insightful tips and tricks, and an actual understanding of the science behind cooking, you can be the next Masterchef. All this, without any hassle of cleaning up or washing utensils.

We have a team of food ninjas to do that for you. All you need to do is cook and relish your creation after class. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too So what are you waiting for? Sign up and let’s get cooking!