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Cake Making Made Easy: The only 10 Tools A Beginner Needs

Cake Making Made Easy 

Cakes are a treat to one’s eyes and mouth. The mere mention of a cake helps cheer a person up as they are associated with happy events like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and other celebrations. Cake making is the art of baking and presenting decorated cakes. Social media has made it quite trendy. There is a unique appeal tied to cakes as they are one of the prettiest and most versatile desserts.


The Basic Cake Making Tools You Need

Cake making is an easy way of preparing delicious and aesthetically pleasing desserts. It is a relatively easy skill to learn, especially using basic tools. Buying the following tools would help you a great deal if you are a beginner looking for baking classes:

  • Measuring Cups & Spoons- The most basic rule of baking is to stick to the recipe. The proportions are decided after a lot of trials and errors. Using measuring cups and spoons would help you follow the recipe to the T and ensure that the cake turns out to be soft, spongy, and delicious.
  • Sieve- A sieve helps mix dry ingredients well and separate solids from liquids if and when needed. Mixing the dry ingredients through a sieve combines them better and creates a cohesive effect. 
  • Whisk- A whisk is a tool that helps combine all the ingredients and achieve the desired consistency. It may be comparatively more expensive than the other tools, but it is one of the primary tools required for cake making. No spoon or spatula can help you mix the batter and achieve the creamy consistency a whisk does. 
  • Mixing Bowl- A mixing bowl, as the name suggests, is a bowl in which all the ingredients are mixed, and the cake batter is prepared. It is best to opt for a deep mixing bowl for it to be helpful even when you move on to making bigger cakes. 
  • Silicone Spatula- An underrated product, a silicone spatula ensures you get every bit of the batter out of the mixing bowl. The batter usually gets wasted while being transferred as most of it gets stuck to the mixing bowl. You will be amazed to see how clean the mixing bowl looks after using a spatula. Its use thus ensures zero wastage.
  • Baking Molds- This one is a no-brainer. It is necessary, as you cannot bake without a baking mold ! While a sea of baking molds exists available in different sizes, shapes, and materials, you can start with the basic ones like a round cake tin and a square/rectangle cake tin.
  • Cake Turntable- A cake turntable is a revolving stand used to decorate and serve your cake. As a beginner, you slowly learn to decorate a cake, and a turntable is handy as it helps revolve the cake hands-free. You can try multiple decorating hacks available online with a turntable.  
  • Cake Spatula- Also known as the offset spatula, a cake spatula has a long, narrow metal blade that helps smoothen the icing on the cake. It is used for a clean look and protects the icing from your hands. 
  • Piping Bags & Nozzles- You may use piping bags for putting the icing and decorating the cake. The icing is transferred into a piping bag, and nozzles are used to create different decorative designs, like flowers on the cake. 
  • Wooden Spoon – This may seem unnecessary, but it is helpful when handling batter. Wooden spoons are strong and are a great help while working with thick batters and heavy dough. They also provide an excellent grip to the baker and ensure ease in cake making.

    Learn the Finest Cake Making Skills at Culinary Craft

    With the highly competitive market and its forces, we see a lot of fancy and inventive cake designs around us. We can help you learn how to make those and more! We all start somewhere, and you can begin at Culinary Craft by baking simple cakes without decoration and gradually moving on to decorating them, experimenting with different shapes and flavors at a comfortable pace. 

    What are you waiting for? Buy these tools and begin the baking adventure. You can also take up a professional cake making course at Culinary Craft to boost your skills. Contact us to learn more about our baking classes today!


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